Tokyo Raid

Fusing the noise and unrest of the gritty ports and warehouses of the Lower Bottoms with an edgy neo-psychedelia come post punk sound, Oakland, California's Tokyo Raid is the spiritual locale where the streets of Salford and The East Bay intersect.

Formed in 2004, singer/bassist Ben Utah has mined influences ranging from T-Rex, David Bowie and The Stooges to The Jesus and Mary Chain, Joy Division, New Order and Spaceman 3 to create the band's sound which not only walks that difficult tightrope between being unique yet recognizable, it juggles and does the Watusi along the way.

While the lineup over the years has featured individuals of note such as guitarist Dean Taylor (Brian Jonestown Massacre), Dave Han (Astral/Foreign Cinema) and collaborators Cary LaScalla (Bellavista) and Kat Downs (Sit Kitty Sit), it's the latest lineup featuring guitar stylist Ty Gerhardt (The Girlfriend Experience/The New Day Breakers/Songs for Snakes) and drummer Mike Thompson (Sit Kitty Sit/Big Nasty) and Clay Andrews (The Spiral Electric) is getting the buzz all along the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington for being one of the Bay Area's best "new" underground acts.

That buzz is further supported by the band's 5th EP, The Fear of Sleeping on their Dancing Leper label which features the band's production talents married with the engineering and mixing skills of Tiny Telephone's Ian Pellicci (Deerhoof, 31 Knotts) and Cloud City Sound, Portland's Justin Phelps (The Mars Volta, Dresden Dolls, The Mother Hips, Chris Isaak, Cake).

The SF Deli Magazine described a performance as:
“… an impressive set that fused the pulsing drone of Joy Division with blues-inspired psyche rock. Layered with aptly placed shrieks of feedback, Tokyo Raid bludgeoned the crowd with their wall of sound that eagerly awaited dissection." -Ada Lann, SF Deli

"They’ve the temerity to mix up classic Northern (English) post-punk, prime-time Goth and something altogether more primal, and the resulting squall isn’t unlike The Cramps stripped of their rockabilly beat, or Joy Division, had the MC5 been their prime influence and touchstone."
- Simon M., Leicester Bangs (Feb 19, 2012)

"The Fear of Sleeping has a violent edge that captures the essence of punk, garage and glam rock. The harmonies are stellar and captivating. Every song, even the very short “She Kills Reprise” has grit and substance."
- Dana Wright, Muzik Reviews (Feb 23, 2012)

Tokyo Raid have released their newest EP "the Fear of Sleeping" on the newly minted Dancing Leper label, with the first single “Indulgence” available on Rock Band Network for Rock Band 3. The band is currently on tour to support the new single. It is available now on iTunes, CD Baby, Facebook and directly from the band.